Here are the latest updates and events that
occurred at our community center!


Mar Vista Family Center proudly celebrates Women’s History Month to acknowledge the endeavors of women who have heroically made a difference in our history, culture and society.

This March, we would like to acknowledge Mar Vista Family Center’s very own female founder, Betty Factor!

Betty and her colleagues had a vision for MVFC; that it would be completely run by members of the community it served. Betty, together with Saundy Sparling, Marge Schnitzer, June Payne, and Rena Ellis, created the Shared Responsibility Model that empowered individuals to take responsibility of their lives and their community to create the positive changes they wanted.

Betty left a legacy that today’s leaders proudly follow and will pass along to future generations.

It is because of courageous, empowering and loving woman like Betty and her partners that thousands of families have changed their lives for the better!


“Where there is love, there is life (Gandhi),” and Mar Vista Family Center has never felt more alive than now!

This Valentine’s Day, our community celebrated the day of love surrounded by the people and the environment they love most.

At Mar Vista Family Center, we spread the love and enjoyed our time with our community members by making arts & crafts, painting, dancing, eating cake, laughing and most of all, loving one another!


Despite, the unpredictable weather circumstances, Mar Vista Family Center had yet another successful and productive Community Clean Up.

This goes to show how dedicated our community members are. Our volunteers are very hardworking, committed and down-to-earth. Their humility has shown their great love for our community.

Thank you all for helping create a clean and safe environment for us all. Mar Vista Family Center thanks you and appreciates you!

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