How the Youth Program Works

MVFC’s Youth Program features an array of activities that address the needs of children and youths, ages five to twenty-one, through  the reinforcement of positive behaviors and the prevention of self-destructive ones. Each day, elementary, middle-, and high-school students come to MVFC for its after-school programs:

  • College preparation, Tutoring, and Homework
  • Computer Skills
  • Sports
  • Exercise
  • Creative Arts and Dance Classes
  • Advocacy and Leadership Training
  • Peer Counseling
  • Case Management

Today, more than 600 children and teens benefit from the many effective MVFC Youth Programs. It is MVFC’s key objective to continue bringing in more children and youth who are currently on the waiting list.

Youth-Led Activities

The By Youth for Youth (BYFY) Program is built on MVFC’s combined self-empowerment and personal responsibility philosophy, guiding youths to become leaders in their own lives as well as in the lives of their families and communities.

Through the By Youth for Youth (BYFY) Leadership Training Program, young people receive support in areas such as personal growth, community leadership, and advocacy. Each summer 40 BYFY members are trained to lead MVFC’s six-week on-site day camp. Additionally, youth leaders host an annual BYFY Conference. In most recent years, hundreds of youths, ages 13 to 21, have attended and exchanged empowerment strategies dealing with drug and alcohol abuse, education, media, public policy, racism, and street violence.

Supervised Activities

MVFC provides supervised after-school activities for hundreds of elementary, middle- , and high-school students. Students enjoy an early, healthy dinner followed by homework and academic tutoring in the Everychild Foundation Youth Center. Once homework is completed, students may partake in computer activities, read books from the library, engage in sports, or work on a music or art project.

College Prep

The College Prep Program begins when students enter middle school, with the objective of creating a college-bound culture in every home. The Program encourages parent participation to break down the barriers of attending college by inviting the entire family into the college application process. Students and parents receive academic tutoring, guidance on SAT and ACT preparation, and exploration of financial aid options.

Families attend monthly meetings where they receive the necessary tools and guidance to keep the college process going in their homes. MVFC’s recent high school graduates are currently attending a variety of two- and four-year colleges. Some earlier participants are now attending graduate school; others have returned to MVFC to join the staff.