Our Programs

Our Programs

MVFC’s programs emphasize leadership and responsibility, providing assistance to our families and community members in organizing and preparing to take action.

Early Childhood Education

The Mar Vista Family Center (MVFC) Preschool provides low-income families with a comprehensive program which ensures that each child receives the necessary support to excel academically and developmentally.

Helping the Community

Mar Vista Family Center’s (MVFC’s) Community Program focuses on the revitalization of its community by providing opportunities for individuals to grow, develop, and take the lead in making the area a safe and friendly environment for all.

Health and Wellness

Mar Vista Family Center (MVFC) believes that maintaining healthy families and a healthy community are critical to achieving our mission.


MVFC’s Youth Program features an array of activities that address the needs of children and youths, ages five to twenty-one, through  the reinforcement of positive behaviors and the prevention of self-destructive ones


The STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) Program at Mar Vista Family Center (MVFC) is focused on helping students to find their passions through exposure to the four STEM disciplines.

Financial Literacy

Mar Vista Family Center provides interactive and age-appropriate presentations for children, youth, and adults on various financial topics including personal budgeting, the basics of banking and savings, and the importance of maintaining good credit. 

Summer Camp

Seppy’s Summer Day Camp provides 120 children ages 6-12 with a safe haven in which to discover new abilities, build self-esteem, and develop social skills while also empowering young people to serve as counselors.

Advocacy and Literacy

Advocacy and leadership training are woven through every level of the Shared Responsibility Curriculum Model.