Helping the Community

Helping the Community

Mar Vista Family Center’s (MVFC’s) Community Program focuses on the revitalization of its community by providing opportunities for individuals to grow, develop, and take the lead in making the area a safe and friendly environment for all.

Community Activities

MVFC adults, often with their children, participate in and lead activities such as the annual Literacy Fair, street clean-ups, community gardening, family festivals, and sports and exercise activities. Through MVFC’s Advocacy Training workshops, residents learn the skills to organize themselves into a united voice when seeking assistance from state and local governments concerning issues that have an impact on their neighborhoods and safety.

Everyone is welcome. Please check News and Events for information on upcoming programs and events.

Community Café

Through a collaboration with the Westside Food Bank and the Village School, MVFC provides approximately 100 nutritious dinners to youths who attend its after-school programs as well as adults in need, two days a week.

Senior Citizens Program

With a desire to give back to the MVFC community, local senior citizens identified a need for more cohesion within their age group. Established in 2009, this group takes classes in computers, cooking, nutrition, and the arts.

Leadership Training and Advocacy

Parents attend monthly meetings where they have the opportunity to learn new leadership skills and how to communicate directly with public officials and police officers to advocate for issues affecting their community. For more information, please click here.