Autumn is here…What’s new at MVFC this year?

Schools are back in session and so are we! We are so excited to have our families back at MVFC. While we will continue to keep safety a priority, the By Youth For Youth program is in person again and MVFC is open for children and youth after school to support them with homework, college prep, and recreational activities. After a year of uncertainty, MVFC and our BYFY staff and volunteers are here to provide a sense of support and comfort outside the home.

CEO Celebrates 40 Years at MVFC

This year MVFC’s Chief Executive Officer, Lucia Diaz, celebrates 40 years at MVFC. In 1981 Lucia came to MVFC with her three year old daughter to enroll her in the preschool. As a parent, Lucia volunteered once a week and enrolled in the joint MVFC-UCLA extension courses in early childhood education. She became a preschool teacher and a peer counselor for other parents at MVFC. In 1985 she became MVFC’s director, and was later named the CEO by MVFC founder Betty Factor. For the last 40 years, Lucia has helped countless families through theShared

Responsibility Model that she herself learned from the founders. Using these unique tools designed to support individuals to take responsibility for their choices and to accomplish their goals, Lucia continues to work with the entire community to create a space where everyone can have the opportunity to reach their full potential. Congratulations Lucia!

Saul Rincon is a CSUN alumni and is our new Education Coordinator.

Diana Estrada is a computer science major at UCLA and is our new STEM Coordinator.

Carlos SedeƱo is a student at El Camino College and our new Leadership Coordinator.

MVFC Welcomes New Staff

We are always so proud of our former youth who return to MVFC as staff. This year we welcome three new staff members who were once kids in our programs. Now they are all grown up and ready give back to their community. Each of them has a passion for helping others and are excited to be part of the MVFC team.