Summer Camp

Seppy’s Summer Day Camp provides 120 children ages 6-12 with a safe haven in which to discover new abilities, build self-esteem, and develop social skills while also empowering young people to serve as counselors. Delegating leadership responsibilities to youth leaders also helps them develop a sense of purpose and importance — serving as role models for children, other youths, and the community at large. All camp counselors and volunteers are youth leaders ages 13 to 21, many of whom have grown up in the Mar Vista programs and attended the camp themselves.

Prior to attending camp, counselors and volunteers participate in intensive training that includes teamwork exercises, planning activities, and role-playing situations that may arise while working with the children. Once camp starts, counselors and volunteers lead activities for the children that include arts and crafts, dance, sports, theater, and creative arts. They also design sets and costumes and lead field trips to local recreation and educational facilities. The culmination of camp is the closing ceremony for families, local residents, and supporters wherein the children perform dance routines with costumes, display their arts-and-crafts creations, and present a slide show of the various activities achieved during their two months of camp.

In 1996, in memory of Jon Sepler, the Sepler Family Adopted the Mar Vista Family Center’s summer camp program.