Want to know what breaks the cycle of poverty?


Here, at the Mar Vista Family Center, we provide accessible early childhood education to families in the community because we know that education is more than just academics. In a recent study reported by the Hechinger Report economists from the University of Notre Dame found that  Early Childhood’s Education is strongly correlated to increased financial security and improving life circumstances.

This report validates the 40 year long commitment Mar Vista has to improving community by empowering youth and families. For example 95% of our students in our By Youth For Youth Program go on to college. In today’s job market higher education is a strong indicator for salary increase and job opportunity. Furthermore, more than a hundred of our students are trained as youth leaders and take on leadership positions either at school or at the Mar Vista Family Center.

Strong educational support is not just about getting good grades.  Instead, it encourages students confidence, on taking responsibility, and problem solving so that they can grow up and become tenacious adults. These qualities result in more positive life circumstances and the ability to make a difference.