Once Preschool Graduates…Now High School!

Mar Vista Family Center wants to congratulate all of the 2021 Graduates who overcame so many barriers this last year. So many of our youth at MVFC faced the challenge of virtual learning, navigating the college application process, and maintaining their mental health…all at the same time.
Let’s celebrate them, their accomplishments, and their future goals!

Yazmin Romero is a hard worker who always asks for help when she needs it and achieves everything she sets her mind to. She has been a part of MVFC since preschool. In the Fall, Yazmin will attend Chapman University working towards a degree in Business.
Cindy Gomez has been a part of MVFC since preschool. She is a very dedicated student and volunteer, always making time for MVFC no matter how busy she was. Cindy will be attend UC Berkely in the Fall hoping to earn a degree in Mathematics or Business.

Mar Vista Preschool Graduation ~ June 18, 2021

Congratulations to our preschoolers who are now ready to begin Kindergarten or TK in the fall, with the help of their teachers who found creative ways to keep them engaged during a challenging time. Congratulations to you all!

We look forward to following these bright faces along their journey to college!