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Parent Engagement Saves Lives

I came to Mar Vista Family Center (MVFC) in 1981 as a parent looking for child care. As a young mother with two children, 3 years old and 12 months old, I used to walk to there with my children in a shopping cart. I will always remember when my daughter was 4 years old. She told me that when she grew up, she wanted to clean houses like me. It was a wake-up call. That’s the day that I realized that I was a role model for my kids Later as a parent leader at MVFC, I learned to...
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The mission of Mar Vista Family Center (MVFC) is to provide low-income families with quality early-childhood education, youth enrichment, and educational tools to create positive change in their lives and their communities. Every program adheres to the basic premise that it is critical to empower children, teens, and adults to play vital and responsible roles – as decision makers, community leaders and advocates, mentors, classroom volunteers, and fundraisers – at MVFC.